Incidents in the Outdoors: Cold/Flu & Respiratory Illness 

In this infographic we explore the most frequently reported factors that contributed to the Cold/Flu or Respiratory illness incidents that occurred between September 2018 and July 2021.  From the 395 reported incidents, 325 people required first aid treatment and 80 were removed from the program.  

The participant’s mental/physical condition, such as pre-existing cold/flu symptoms, allergies or asthma, was the most frequently reported contributory factor.  There was a frequently reported relationship with compliance and decisions at the client level, suggesting that parents and schools are sending participants to program with cold/flu symptoms or are not providing information about pre-existing respiratory conditions.  Weather was also a commonly reported factor, with temperature, rain, pollens, or dust exacerbating cold/flu or respiratory conditions. 

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One comment on “Incidents in the Outdoors: Cold/Flu & Respiratory Illness 
  1. JB says:

    This is certainly an interesting finding given that preexisting respiratory symptoms are similar to the COVID conditions to exclude people from participation. It would be interesting to see if these rates decreased over the past 12 months given the increased hygiene regime that outdoor providers should have in place for screening participants and cleaning.

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