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Evaluating Incident Prevention Methods in Led Outdoor Activities

You are invited to participate in our Research Project which aims to evaluate different methods for developing safety interventions in the Led Outdoor Activity Sector. If you participate in the study, you will receive free training in state-of-the-art safety methods

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Incidents in the Outdoors: Campcraft Activities

Since September 14, 2018, 473 injury or illness incidents relating to Campcraft Activities have been reported.  Although, 89% of these incidents were minor in severity, 7% of the incidents were reported with a potential severity rating of serious, severe or

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Incidents in the Outdoors: Weather Related Incidents

In this Infographic we show how the weather has been reported as a contributory factor in LOA incidents.  In over two years of data reported to the National Incident Dataset, 724 incidents identified weather as a contributory factor.  The Infographic

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Incidents in the Outdoors: Cycling

For this months infographic, we turn our attention to Cycling (on-road / off-road) incidents. Using the UPLOADS National Incident Dataset, we have presented the most frequently identified contributory factors and relationships associated with incidents involving cycling. In line with our

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Incidents in the Outdoors: Heat & Water Related Incidents

With summer upon us and the weather heating up across country, this months infographic is focused on heat and water related activities. Using the UPLOADS National Incident Dataset, we have identified the most frequently identified contributory factors associated with incidents

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Merry Christmas!

Santa has come early this year and delivered the 2018/19 UPLOADS Annual Report. Click here to download your copy!

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PrIMe Webinar Recording

Weren’t able to attend the Preventing Incidents Method (PrIMe) webinar?  Don’t worry, we recorded it for you! Click here to watch the recording and learn how to use PrIMe to translate your UPLOADS data into incident prevention strategies.

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Incidents in the Outdoors: Pre-existing Health Conditions

Of the more than 3000 incidents reported to the UPLOADS National Incident Dataset, 18.8% of incidents were associated with pre-existing health conditions. This infographic shows the most frequently identified contributory factors, and relationships between factors associated with incidents involving a pre-exiting

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So, you have identified a safety issue in your UPLOADS Data… Now what?

UPLOADS PrIMe is your answer!  PrIMe is a quick and simple process that allows you to create your own safety interventions based on patterns or recurring issues you identify from the UPLOADS data. Click here for more information and download

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Connect data from existing software tools to your UPLOADS Account

The UPLOADS App now has an Application Programming Interface (API) that can be used to connect data from existing software applications (e.g. CareMonkey) with an UPLOADS Account.  We hope that this feature can help organisations with established incident management and learning

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