Preventing Incidents Method (PrIMe)

PrIME MethodWhat is PrIMe?

The UPLOADS Preventing Incidents Method (PrIMe) is a quick and simple process that organisations can use to translate UPLOADS outputs into incident prevention strategies.

Organisations can use this process to identify and develop appropriate incident prevention strategies and ‘Action Plans’ that will support implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

How can PrIMe help make led outdoor activities safer?

PrIMe utilises data to develop appropriate incident prevention strategies which will prevent future incidents.
Organisations will be invited to share their Action Plans with the National Incident Dataset (NID) via the UPLOADS App.  When organisations submit their de-identified Action Plans to the NID, the research team will be able to report the successful strategies that have been used to prevent incidents.
We hope that by sharing this information, we will be able to make outdoor activities even safer for you, and the wider community!

How is PrIMe different to other incident prevention strategy development processes?

Like UPLOADS, PrIMe uses a systems thinking approach to drive the incident prevention strategy design process.  This involves a series of design activities driven by the following principles:

  • No blame. Strategies will not focus on individuals in the system or
  • assign any blame or fault for the issue to specific individuals.
  • Systemic change. Strategies will focus on modifying the overall led outdoor activity system, rather than modifying parts in isolation.
  • A shared responsibility for safety. When developing strategies, the group will think about the led outdoor activity system and all actors/organisations who share the responsibility for safety, rather than individual components such as activity leaders, participants or equipment.

Can my organisation use PrIMe?

At this stage, PrIMe is only available to Led Outdoor Activity Providers who have registered to use the UPLOADS App, as the process requires the use of data collected through the UPLOADS Incident Reporting System.

If you are registered to use the UPLOADS App, and want to use PrIMe….

The PrIMe Workbook provides a step-by-step guide for conducting PrIMe and provides a means to record the incident prevention strategies and action plans.

Click here to download a copy of the workbook!

PrIMe Webinar Recording

Click on the image below to learn about the Preventing Incidents Method (PrIMe) and how to use PrIMe to translate UPLOADS data into incident prevention strategies.

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