2016-2017 UPLOADS Annual Report

2015-2016 UPLOADS Annual Report:

Previous reports:

The UPLOADS project team has produced in a number of peer-reviewed journal publications, practitioner articles, conference presentations and reports.

Peer-reviewed journal publications: 

Peer-reviewed conference papers:

Peer-reviewed conference abstracts: 


Practitioner Articles:


Our PhD and Masters students have also undertaken a number of related projects:

Maggie Trotter: Improvisation during outdoor activities

Clare Dallat: A systems approach to risk assessment in the led outdoor activity context

Tony Carden: Regulating safety in adventure activities

Brian Thoroman: Near miss incidents as an indicator of safety system weaknesses during led outdoor activities

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  1. For information on how you can get involved, check out the UPLOADS project website ( where you can access lots more info and sign up to contribute your organisation’s incident data to the growing UPLOADS National Incident Database.

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