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The UPLOADS project and the National Incident Dataset rely on contributions from led outdoor activity providers from across Australia. By using the UPLOADS reporting system and uploading your deidentified incidents to the National Incident Dataset on a regular basis, we can start to get a better idea on what incidents are occurring in LOA, what is contributing to their occurrence, and how this information can best be used to prevent recurrence.

Get involved by using the UPLOADS Software Tool or UPLOADS Lite for at least a 12 month period to collect information about near misses, incidents and participation rates.  Organisations are asked to contribute incident and participation data to the national database on a three monthly basis. Organisations, participants and staff cannot be identified from the data sent to the research team for analysis.

The findings from the national database will analysed by the research team and communicated to the sector annually. The national database will allow the sector to better understand the real risks associated with different types of outdoor activities. The research project has received ethics approval from the University of the Sunshine Coast (approval no A/13/454).

Want more information?

If you would like to contribute to the UPLOADS National Incident Dataset, or would like more information, please register your contact details here:

Alternatively, contact the research team at

UPLOADS Reporting Tools

We have developed two incident reporting and learning systems to meet the needs of the diverse Australian outdoor education and recreation sector: UPLOADS Software tool and UPLOADS Lite.

UPLOADS Software Tool 

The UPLOADS Software Tool allows organisations to:

  • Systematically track their injury and near miss incident and participation data;
  • Analyse their own incidents using a systems analysis framework;
  • Generate automatic reports on the data they collect (Sample Incident statistics report); and
  • Contribute deidentified data (i.e. names removed) to the industry database.

The software tool is installed on a computer within the organisation and the data is not directly accessible by the research team. Organisations are asked to contribute deidentified data (i.e. names removed) to the project on a three monthly basis. Organisations, participants and staff cannot be identified from the data sent to the research team for analysis.

Click here to view a paper-version of the incident report form.
Click here to see an overview of the incident section of the database.
Click here to see all the training material.


UPLOADS Lite is designed for organisations who only want to contribute data to the national database. An online survey tool allows organisations to contribute completely anonymous incident reports and participation data. Organisations are also able to save the data they enter for their own records.

Click here to view a test version of UPLOADS Lite.


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