Risk Assessment Process Workshop

Over the past five to ten years risk assessments have become a non-negotiable part of outdoor programs. This is partly driven by WHS Legislation and increasing interest in outdoor education from regulatory authorities, but also by a realisation from within the sector that a proactive approach to hazard identification and risk management is required to prevent serious injuries. Yet at the planning and practice level confusion remains as to how to approach this process in a meaningful way and not simply just a futile compliance exercise in ‘ticking the box’.

As a practitioner and risk manager for many years, Clare Dallat has witnessed this challenge and has initiated strategies within both her own organisation and those that she consults with regularly; to attempt to empower staff at all levels more in relation to risk assessment. This interest has now led to a full-time PhD with the Accident Research Team at the University of the Sunshine Coast (USCAR) to develop a risk assessment tool for organised outdoor activities that adopt a ‘systems thinking’ approach.

In this workshop, Clare and I will discuss approaches and methods for conducting risk assessments that: 1) Address compliance requirements; and 2) attempt to focus on meaningful outcomes that align and compliment the desired aims of the program. Socio-technical systems theory will be discussed as a potential underpinning framework that can drive a more holistic and collaborative approach to risk assessments.

We will aim to show that conducting a good risk assessment should not be a futile exercise; rather, that it can and should be an empowering, conscious and collaborative process of identifying and taking action to minimise the potential of serious injury or harm to participants and staff on your programs.

So come along and have your input into the actual development of a risk assessment process that aims to both comply with legislation, as well as being a successful tool for minimising harm and leading to the achievement of the fantastic desired aims of your programs.

When: 5pm, 11th November, 2014

Where: Hillbrook Anglican School

Follow the link below to sign up.

http ://qorf . org . au/whats-on/risk-management-workshop/

or contact the OEAQ office for more details – 5484 5433 or oeaq@oeaq.org.au

Thank you to OEAQ for organising!

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