Have your say: a website to explore the UPLOADS National Dataset?

Invitation to people working in the outdoor education, recreation and adventure sector: UPLOADS website scoping study (Ethics Number: A/14/604)

One of the goals of the UPLOADS Project is to develop a National dataset of incident reports and participation data so that the led outdoor activity sector can understand the risks it faces and take appropriate action.

The UPLOADS Research Team are considering developing a website that allows people within the outdoor education, recreation and adventure sector to access and explore the findings from the National dataset, enabling them to understand injury and accident trends across the Australian led outdoor sector and different led outdoor activities. The website would allow people to search for certain types of incidents (e.g. all high ropes incidents involving injuries) and generate summaries of the data which, for example, would show the causal factors involved across the set of incidents (e.g. in 23 out of 30 high ropes incidents across Australia equipment and risk assessment were identified as causal factors). In addition, the website could be used to identify strong relationships between causal factors (e.g. in 70% of led outdoor activity incidents there is a strong relationship between financial pressures and inadequate training programs).

To ensure confidentiality, the website would only present summaries of multiple incidents from multiple organisations. Individual reports or details on specific incidents would not be accessible. The report on the prototype trial is an example of the type of information that would be presented (https://uploadsproject.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/goode-et-al-2014-summary-of-uploads-prototype-trial-results-18th-march-2014.pdf)

The aim of this study is to: 1) Evaluate whether the control measures we have in place to ensure confidentiality are considered sufficient for the website; 2) Determine whether people within the outdoor sector would use the website; and 3) Identify desirable features.

Your contribution to this study will allow us to determine whether we should develop the website and, if so, the essential features it needs to include.

The survey will take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

If you work in the outdoor education, recreation or adventure sector, and would like to add your valuable contribution please complete the survey here:


Thank you

The UPLOADS Project team

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