Understanding injuries in the outdoors: Acknowledging the contribution of Mark Brackenreg

Mark Brackenreg has recently announced his retirement from school life at St Joseph’s College. While Mark isn’t retiring from his voluntary work, the UPLOADS Team would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge his contribution to our project and more broadly to the sector.

Mark is passionate about improving risk management during outdoor education programs – with an emphasis on collecting good quality data about incidents:

“to allow all concerned to make informed decisions based on some hard evidence rather than their individual perception of the risk involved.”(Brackenreg, 1997).

That’s right – Mark has long advocated for a standardised approach to incident reporting in the outdoor education sector, and he wrote one of the first peer reviewed journal publications reporting on Australian incident data back in 1997. This work provided an evidence base for the UPLOADS project to build upon.

We’d like to thank Mark for this work, and for all of the feedback he has provided throughout the development of UPLOADS.

We wish Mark all the best for his retirement – and look forward to seeing what he does next.

If you’d like to read Mark’s journal papers:

Brackenreg, M. (1998). Learning from Our Mistakes—Before It’s Too Late. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education3(2), 27-33.

Brackenreg, M. (1997). How safe are we? A review of injury and illness in outdoor education programmes. Journal of adventure education and outdoor leadership14(1), 10-16.

Brackenreg, M., Luckner, J., & Pinch, K. (1994). Research update: Essential skills for processing adventure experiences. Journal of Experiential Education17(3), 45-47.

Brackenreg, M. (1993). Theories, Practices and Benefits of Debriefing in Outdoor Education. Journal of Outdoor Education26, 3-11.

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