Benefits of using the new UPLOADS App

With the launch of the new UPLOADS app scheduled for 14 September at 2pm (you can register here to attend), we thought it would be timely to outline why this is such a powerful tool, and highlight some of the benefits of its use.

  • The UPLOADS app is the only online incident reporting tool that is underpinned by Systems Thinking, which recognises that safety is impacted by the decisions and actions of everyone in the system, not just frontline workers.
  • The UPLOADS app is cloud-based and can be accessed from any computer. Incident reports can be entered from any computer, tablet or smart phone, and this can be done offline!
  • The system can automatically generate reports on your incident data, saving you time.
  • The system gives you with the capability to benchmark your incident data against out led outdoor activity organisations.
  • You can access, explore and contribute to the de-identified data in the UPLOADS National Incident Dataset. By submitting your organistions data you also have the opportunity to contribute to a cutting edge research project.

Better yet, using the UPLOADS app is free for all led outdoor activity organisations until 2021!

To register to use the new UPLOADS app in advance of the launch, please send us an email. Alternatively, register for our launch webinar to find out more.

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