UPLOADS features in Australian Research Council’s new ‘Making a Difference’ publication

It gives us great pride and pleasure to let you know that UPLOADS has been included in the new Australian Research Council ‘Making a difference’ publication. This publication is a snapshot of some of the outstanding research outcomes derived from research projects funded by the Australian Government through the Australian Research Council (ARC) National Competitive Grants Program (NCGP).

This is an amazing achievement – essentially it means first that USC see UPLOADS as their flagship ARC research program, and second that the ARC see it as one of their most impactful research programs.

This is a testament to the strong partnership we have between researchers and practitioners and the innovative world leading and impactful research program that this relationship supports. It is amazing to think that in just 8 years we have gone from a small literature review to two major ARC grants with national and international impact.

As we enter the next phase of UPLOADS 2 this is a timely reminder of just how important this research is and of how widespread the impact can be. It is a pleasure to be a part of it all, and we are very grateful for the ongoing support of our industry partners, contributing organisations, and the Australian led outdoor sector!

To view the publication, click HERE.  The article on the UPLOADS project can also be found on the ARC website.

ARC article







After completing my PhD in sport psychology and concussion risk, it was clear that the wonderful world of research had captured my attention. In my role at the Centre for human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems I am part of a brilliant team of researchers, working on world class research in the fields of sport and outdoor recreation, transport and infrastructure, organisational health and safety, urban planning and design, and defence security and resilience. My personal research interests are in the dynamic topic of injury management in grassroots sport. Although my PhD only skimmed the surface of this complicated issue, I look forward to a long career not only improving sport-related injury risk but also finding new ways to motivate kids to keep participating in sport and outdoor activity.

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