Join us in High Range!

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From the 21st to the 23rd of October the UPLOADS team will be heading to NSW to the Outdoor Practitioners Conference, hosted by ORIC.

On Friday the 21st of October, the UPLOADS team will be hosting a workshop which will use case studies and learning-from-systems based incident investigation to give practical insights on incident prevention. Lessons learned from specific case studies will help practitioners to make a genuine contribution to preventing future incidents.


Field staff, program managers, and regulators will all gain something from this data driven workshop. It will be great to see as many of you there as possible!


Conference registration is also now open, and the Outdoor Partitioner’s Conference is calling for presenters. The intent of this conference is that it be the premier professional development and networking opportunity for any practitioner working in the outdoors. The vision is that sessions be valuable learning opportunities for front line practitioners delivering outdoor experiences.

Whether based on hard skills, facilitation and soft skill development, or shared learning regarding contemporary issues, we are looking for workshops and scenarios which are practical and relevant.

To complete an application to present


To register for the conference


We encourage everyone from the led outdoor activity and outdoor education sector to get involved in this valuable learning and sharing opportunity!

After completing my PhD in sport psychology and concussion risk, it was clear that the wonderful world of research had captured my attention. In my role at the Centre for human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems I am part of a brilliant team of researchers, working on world class research in the fields of sport and outdoor recreation, transport and infrastructure, organisational health and safety, urban planning and design, and defence security and resilience. My personal research interests are in the dynamic topic of injury management in grassroots sport. Although my PhD only skimmed the surface of this complicated issue, I look forward to a long career not only improving sport-related injury risk but also finding new ways to motivate kids to keep participating in sport and outdoor activity.

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