NOEC Conference Recap

On behalf of the UPLOADS team, I would like to thank both the organisers of the 2016 National Outdoor Education Conference for putting on an enjoyable and educational event and the University of the Sunshine Coast for hosting it.

Professor Paul Salmon and PhD candidates Clare Dallat, Tony Carden, and Brian Thoroman all did a wonderful job presenting their research to conference attendees. For those of you who were unable to attend, Prof Salmon gave an exciting overview of the 12 month report which presents the findings from the first 12 months of data collection using the UPLOADS software tool. From this report and Paul’s presentation, we learnt lots of interesting information regarding injuries, illnesses, and near miss incidents in the led outdoor sector. Being more than just an industry first application of the systems approach to incident reporting for the outdoor sector, these findings will go on to inform the development of countermeasures as well as the next 12 months of data collection.

Clare, Tony, and Brian also presented interesting and engaging updates on their PhD research projects which are apply a systems approach to risk assessments (NO-HARMS), understanding legislation and regulation, and improving the reporting of near miss incidents in the led outdoor sector.

Michelle and I had a great time meeting everyone at the exhibition stand, and have been overjoyed by the number of follow up emails we have been receiving! Remember if you would like to learn more about UPLOADS or how to get involved with the project, please email us at

The UPLOADS steering committee also met up during the conference to discuss the progress, impact, and future directions of the project. Lots of exciting things were nutted out, so I encourage you all to watch this space!

Before I sign off for this post, I would just like to mention that we are still chasing a few lovely outdoor educators to complete the current survey to evaluate incident prevention strategiesThis shouldn’t take too much of your time, and is a vital step in ensuring that the strategies that are proposed are practical, appropriate, and relevant for the sector!

We are looking forward to catching up with you at the Outdoors Victoria conference in May 2016!

Until then, stay safe!

After completing my PhD in sport psychology and concussion risk, it was clear that the wonderful world of research had captured my attention. In my role at the Centre for human Factors and Sociotechnical Systems I am part of a brilliant team of researchers, working on world class research in the fields of sport and outdoor recreation, transport and infrastructure, organisational health and safety, urban planning and design, and defence security and resilience. My personal research interests are in the dynamic topic of injury management in grassroots sport. Although my PhD only skimmed the surface of this complicated issue, I look forward to a long career not only improving sport-related injury risk but also finding new ways to motivate kids to keep participating in sport and outdoor activity.

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