Development of Australian Adventure Activity Standards announced!

Adventure Activity Standards (AAS) are industry best practice guidelines used to manage risk and safety across a wide range of outdoor adventure activities. They are designed to be used by skilled outdoor leaders who are responsible for participants in these activities. Currently, each state and territory maintains its own set of standards. However, this has resulted in unnecessary duplication, lack of coordination among jurisdictions, and less sharing of expertise and experiences about how to best manage safety and risk outdoors.

The industry and government bodies responsible for AAS development have therefore decided to develop a single set of Australian Adventure Activity Standards.

Click here for more details on the development of the AAAS

How can I contribute?

You can keep informed and contribute to the development of the Australian AAS in the following ways:

  • Visit to register your interest in the Australian AAS and to receive periodic updates on this project.
  • There will be a public call for nominations to participate in AAS technical working groups. If you consider yourself an expert in the field, consider nominating to participate in a working group.
  • Contribute a submission on a draft standard once it has been published.

For more information: Contact Murray Irwin, project secretariat, on:, Phone 0467 447 705

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