Who is in the “outdoor” sector? National Outdoor Sector Survey 2013

One of the challenges for the National UPLOADS trial is estimating the “reach” of the study. Ultimately, we’d like to have everyone in the outdoor sector in Australia using UPLOADS. For now, we need to get some idea of the proportion of organisations in the outdoor sector who are participating. However, obtaining an accurate estimate of the total number of organisations providing outdoor activities has proved quite difficult.

Fortunately for us, we now have a new source of data: Service Skills Australia’s 2013 National Outdoor Sector Survey (NOSS). The NOSS provides an overview of the education providers, businesses, organisations, workers and volunteers in the outdoor sector. The analysis contained in the NOSS is based on the responses from 275 organisations.

While this doesn’t represent everyone in the outdoor sector, it does give us a benchmark for comparing the number of organisations participating in UPLOADS. So far, we’ve got 40 organisations signed up. So going on the NOSS data, this represents 15% reach across the sector. Not too bad for our first three months!


SSA have also created an additional survey to allow readers to provide feedback on the NOSS: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8C86ZV8. The feedback from this survey will be used to feed into the continuous improvement process for the outdoor recreation component of the Training Package and to inform the 2015 Environmental Scan.

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