UPLOADS App Improvement Bulletin

Several enhancements have been made to the “Custom Fields” function to help streamline data entry and data quality.   The UPLOADS Team would like to thank The Outdoor Education Group for sponsoring these enhancements and making the UPLOADS App even more user-friendly.

What’s New?

Treatment Administered Field

You can enable a Custom Field in the incident report form to collect information about the treatments administered to an ill or injured person.  When this field is activated, and the user indicates that a person received first aid, the user is prompted to enter following information:

  • Time/date of treatment
  • Item administrated
  • Dosage/number of dressings
  • Administered by (Name)
  • Reason administered.

Treatment Administered

How do I activate this feature?  Enable the treatment administered field in the Custom Fields Tab (Settings -> Custom Fields).  

Help Text

Help Text provides additional information that help users better understand the desired response for the custom field.  When enabled, users can access the help text by clicking on the help icon that appears next to the custom field.  For example:

  • Custom Field Label: GPS Coordinates
  • Help Text: Enter the GPS coordinates for the location of the incident.

GPS Coordinates

How do I activate this feature?  When adding or editing a custom field (Settings Tab -> Custom Fields), type the help text into the ‘Help Text’ field.

Auto Complete

Auto Complete is used to predict a user’s response using a pre-defined list of desired responses.  For example:

You may want to collect the client’s organisation name on the incident report form.  When the user starts typing the organisation name into the response field, the App will use the pre-defined list of organisation names and present a selection of possible responses for the user to choose.

Autocomplete Example

The Auto Complete feature makes entering information quicker and increases response consistency (i.e. without the dropdown menu, users may be tempted to abbreviate client names or make typing errors).

How do I activate this feature?  When adding or editing a custom field (Settings Tab -> Custom Fields): select Auto Complete from the ‘Field Type’ dropdown menu; and enter a list of desired responses.  Users can enter responses that are not on the pre-defined list, these responses will be automatically saved to the pre-defined list.   Remove new entries by editing the pre-defined list. 

Privacy and Confidentiality

Information collected through Custom Fields is not submitted to the National Incident Dataset and is not analysed in the Explore section.  However, the information can be downloaded into Excel files for analysis if required (see the “Exporting Data” training video for more information).

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