Systems Analysis of Causal Factors (Accimap)

The Accimap program allows you to conduct a systems analysis of the causal factors involved in your incidents.  It is a special analysis tool, separate to the database, to summarise the causal factor and relationship data entered into the database.

You can create an Accimap based on all records in the database, or a subset (e.g. only incidents involving a certain activity, or only incident associated with adverse outcomes).

This information can help you identify the causal factors that reoccur across programs and activities.

NOTE: You will need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer in order for the Accimap Program to work.  Download Chrome for free here. 

Configure your computer for Accimap

The first time you create an Accimap, you will need to configure the program for your computer.

  1.  From the Admin page go to the “Settings” tab and click the “Restore default” button

Accimap configire

You only need to do this once, unless you move the UPLOADS folder to another location on your computer.

Create an Accimap

  1. Open the drop down box from the “File” menu, and click on “Export Accimap Files”. A box will appear, click OK.

Export Accimap Files

  1. Then open the file menu again and click on “Open Accimap Program.”

Open Accimap program

  1. This will open the program in Google Chrome, click on the “Choose Files” button.

Accimap instructions

  1. Navigate to UPLOADS\Accimap\Input.

Select “Factor_relationships”, “Factors”, “Incident details” and “Preselected Incidents” by holding down the “Ctrl” key and Click “Open”

Information will appear in the space under Instruction 3.

Accimap step 2

  1.  Click “draw” and this will generate the Accimap.
  2. Click “Save” – this will create a text file which includes all the descriptions of the factors and relationships, and a diagram you can save.


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