Submit data to the National dataset

To submit an UPLOADS database to USC for analysis:

  1.  Click “Admin” and the “National Dataset” tab.
  2.  Click the “Begin” button

National dataset

  1. The follow box will appear, click “ok”.

Copy complete

  1. The copy of the database should open automatically.

Copy deidentify

  1. If it doesn’t, manually drag the file “Copy.USR” from the “Temp” folder into the “DB_program”.
  1. Click the “Deidentify database button”.

A pop-up box will appear giving you the option to email the copy directly to the research team. This will work if you use Outlook. Otherwise, click “OK”

Deidentify complete

  1. Then you can check the file has been deidentified. All names will be replaced with “Anonymous”
  2.  Close the “Copy” of the database
  3.  Email the file in the “De-Identified” folder
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