There are sections of the database that present scrollable lists. These are known as portals, below is an example of a portal in the staff qualification section of the database:


They behave in special ways different to the rest of the database.

A portal will always display a new blank row at the bottom – this is normal. To make an entry in a portal row, simply click in the blank field at the bottom. When you make an entry in a portal row, a new blank row will appear under it.

Most of the portals used in this database will automatically sort e.g. Staff members are sorted by last name.

To delete a portal row, click inside the row but outside of any field in that row (if this is done correctly, the entire row should highlight in grey), then hit the <backspace> key.

Not all records may be visible in a portal at one time. i.e. You may need to scroll the list.

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