Overview of the incident section

The “Incident” section of the database consists of 5 sections; these sections are explained in the table below. On the database this is represented by the following 5 tabs:

Incident tabs

1. Characteristics This includes incident characteristics. Information relating to date, time, severity and type of incident.
2. Outcomes Outcomes refer to the adverse outcomes and details of the incident.
3. Description Incident Description allows reporting of the what, when and where of the incident
4. Causes (4.1-4.2)


Causes (4.3-4.5)

This section allows the reporter and manager to explain in detail what they think caused the incident, including relationships between causes identified and recommendations


These sections need to be completed by the System Administrator. System administrators are expected to identify the causal factors, and the relationships between them, from the incident descriptions in the incident reports.


5. Notes This information will not be used for analysis, it can be used to store relevant information, photos of the incident or any documentation relating to the incident

Sections 1 to 4.2 directly reflect the information collected by the incident report forms.

Sections 4.3 and 4.4 allow you to classify the causal factors and relationships identified in the reports.

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