Multiple entry – Client

You are also able to import multiple client records.

  1.  In the Uploads > Import folder you will find a tab delimited file called “Clients.txt”.
  2.  Open “Clients.txt” in Excel:
  •  Open Excel
  • File > Open
  • Navigate to UPLOADS > Import
  • Select “See all files”
  • Open “Clients.txt”
  • Excel should now open the Text Import Wizard
  • Step 1: Select “Delimited” and Next
  • Step 2: Check “Tab”, uncheck any other options, and Next
  • Step 3: Select Finish
  1. Enter the Client records you want to import. Any column for which the    organisation does not have data should be ignored (but not deleted).  No   columns should be added to the spreadsheet and the title row names should not be edited.
  2.  After the data has been entered, save the spreadsheet as a tab delimited text file into the Uploads/Import/ folder (i.e. overwriting the original text file). Do not change the name of the file.
  3.  Open the database using the username and password provided
  4.  Back up the database first: File > Backup Database File. This will save a copy of the database into the folder “Backups”
  5.  Within the database navigate to Admin > Import
  6.  Select “Import clients”

Import clients

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