Merging UPLOADS Databases

To merge the information from a number of UPLOADS databases into one central database (i.e. there are a number of branches of the organisation which each maintain their own UPLOADS database):

  1.  Add the database files you wish to import to the Uploads/Import/ folder. Make sure this folder only contains the database files to import and no other files.
  2.  Have each branch of the organisation submit a copy of their database file (e.g. via email).  Put these copies into the Uploads/Import/ folder and rename the files: 1.USR, 2.USR, 3.USR, etc..
  3.  Open the UPLOADS DB_program using the account information provided.
  4.  In the Export page under the Admin function click “Backup” to create a backup of the database in the Backups folder (in case the import fails and the central database needs to be restored).
  5.  Staying in the Admin tab, go to “Import” and click the third button also called “Import” on the page.  A box will appear asking how many files should be in the folder. Type in the number of files you have saved in step 2 and click OK.
  6. The third button imports the databases in the Uploads/Import/ folder without any feedback. This is the button that should be used.

Import databases

  1. The fourth button imports the databases in the Uploads/Import/ folder, but presents twelve dialog boxes for each database to be imported. This allows the user to see/modify how the fields in the database are being mapped. It is possible (though unlikely) that if importing using the top button failed to work that this button will allow the user to successfully perform the import.
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