Mandatory details for incident records

 The following fields are mandatory for the Incident data contributed to the National Dataset.

 All incidents:

  • Was the reporter present at the incident?
  • Date of incident
  • Time of incident
  • State/Territory
  • Type of incident
  • Actual severity rating
  • Potential severity rating
  • Activity associated with incident
  • Number of people involved in activity
  • Did the activity leader(s) have relevant qualifications?
  • Section 3: Describe the incident in detail
  • Section 4.1 Reporter: explain in detail what you think caused the incident

 Adverse outcomes only (not applicable to near misses):

  • Experience in activity associated with incident
  • Was the incident fatal
  • Injury type (if applicable)
  • Injury location (if applicable)
  • Illness (if applicable)
  • Evacuation method
  • Hospitalisation required
  • Were Emergency Services called?

The other fields within the “Incidents” section are optional. However, the research team considers that the information they collect is highly valuable. If possible, please complete ALL relevant aspects of the Incident section.

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