ID numbers

All entries in the database are identified by a unique ID number (Incident ID, Staff ID and Client ID).

In the Edit menu, there is an option (e.g. Copy Staff ID) that will copy this ID number directly into the clipboard so it can pasted into a drop-down list.

Suggestion: Entering data anonymously

All names selected via drop-down lists are automatically anonymised when databases are submitted to UPLOADS research staff, since they are displayed as ID numbers.

However, names typed into fields (e.g. the incident “Narrative” field) cannot be easily anonymised. To keep this information anonymous, ID numbers could be entered in place of names when referring to people.

e.g. “PWAC_1011 sprained his ankle …”

If the name of a participant needs to be retrieved at any time, it’s a simple matter of performing a Find request.

ID numbers starting with “S” = “Staff”

ID numbers starting with “C” = “Clients”

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