How to calculate participation data

Number of participants = total number of participants undertaking the activity during the month

Participation days = (Number of participants) x (Program length in days)

It is important to note that “participation days” represents the number of days on which a participant is exposed to the activity.

As long as the activity takes place during a single 24 hour period, then it counts as a single participation day. This means that a “days” activity for one participant while another may be eight or more hours, yet they would be treated equally as a single activity day.

Similarly, if you conduct three activities in the same 24 hour period, then each activity would be counted as a single participation day. For example, a program might involve camping, kayaking and bushwalking all on the same day. Each activity would be counted as a separate participation day.

For example, during November 2013 an organisaiton conducted:

  1. A 3 hour kayaking trip with 10 people
  2. A 1 day kayaking trip with 20 people
  3. A 2 day kayaking trip with 5 people

Number of participants = 10 + 20 + 5 = 35

Participation days = (1 x 10) + (1 x 20) + (2 x 5) = 40

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