Take part in Australia’s National Incident Dataset with UPLOADS

Get involved by using the UPLOADS Software Tool or UPLOADS Lite for at least a 12 month period to collect information about near misses, incidents and participation rates.  Organisations are asked to contribute incident and participation data to the national database on a three monthly basis. Organisations, participants and staff cannot be identified from the data sent to the research team for analysis.

The UPLOADS project and the National Incident Dataset rely on your continued involvement, so organisations are encouraged to continue contributing for as long as possible. The research project has received ethics approval from the University of the Sunshine Coast (approval no A/13/454).

The findings from the national database will analysed by the research team and communicated to the sector annually. The national database will allow the sector to better understand the real risks associated with different types of outdoor activities.

Organisations contributing to the dataset will also be able to request reports from the national database on specific issues to assist them in formulating risk management strategies. For example, a report could be produced on all ‘high ropes’ near misses and incidents in the national database.

Want more information?

If you would like to contribute to the UPLOADS National Incident Dataset, or would like more information, please register your contact details here:


Alternatively, contact:

Dr Amanda Clacy (Research Fellow), Phone: +617 5456 5904 , Email: aclacy@usc.edu.au

Findings from the National Trial

NEW! 2015-2016 UPLOADS Annual Report:

Previous reports

2014-2015 UPLOADS Annual Report

NEW! 2015 Summary Poster

The first six months: 1st June – 30th November 2014 Data

Results from the UPLOADS Prototype Trial (June to December 2013)


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